☆Second Power Spot☆ Valley of Gangala & UNESCO world heritage site「Sefa-utaki」 guide tour ¥9,800


Double spiritual power spot tour

Sefa-utakimeaning “purified place of Utaki” is an historical sacred space, overlooking Kudaka Island, that served as one of the key locations of worship in the native religion of the Ryukyuan people for millennia.


The Gangala valley guided tour is a 1 hour and 20 minutes walk with a tour guide through the Gangala valley, which was formed when a cave collapsed, creating a valley rich in nature in the forest. There is a remarkably enormous ancient tree called「UFUSYU」by the locals, which is still growing up

The entrance is an ancient and mystical stalactite cave cafe shop. You can enjoy the ganala special coffee here

Tour Conditions


Operating days 〜 2019-09-30
Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
※31 October ~ 2nd November, 2016. Sefa-utaki is closed.
Venue Southern Okinawa.
Time required Approximately 8 hours
Number of passengers required At least 2 people.
参加可能年齢 No limit
Reservation deadline 2 days 12 before
※Please co※Please contact us by phone after the deadline of booking application by e-mail. (TEL:098-941-6828)
Payment method
Pay with credit card
Sefa-utaki & Valley of Gangala tour
  • Adult (12 years old ~) ¥9,800
  • Child (4 ~ 11 years old) ¥8,800
  • Infant (0 ~ 3 years old) ¥3,500
What is included Guide, Okinawa World ticket, Lunch, Insurance
Schedule Pick you up from hotel.
※We will let you know the exact time 1 day before tour day.

10:00 Arrive Sefa-utaki. Enjoy the peaceful time.

11:10 Move to Valley of Gangala.

12:00 Arrive Valley of Gangala. Enjoy the nature time.

13:20 End of gangala tour. Have lunch inside Okinawa World.

14:00 Free time. (Okinawa World)

15:30 Pick you up from Okinawa World.

16:30 Drop you off to your hotel.
Meeting place・Time Hotel where you will stay. ( we will let you know the pickup time 1 day before tour day)
Assembly point Hotel where you will stay. ( we will let you know the pickup time 1 day before tour day)
Dissolution place Hotel where you will stay. ( we will let you know the pickup time 1 day before tour day)
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▼Schedule・Read the details▼


Precautions ・Please pay in advance.
・Sefa-utaki is a purified place and regarded as sacred, and it’s very important for the Ryukyuan people. Please respect the following points:
1. Please do not get out of the designated areas of the tour.
2. Tour might be cancelled due to bad weather or sea conditions.
3. Please do not bring anything back with you from Sefa-utaki. (stones, shells, animals, etc.)
・This tour is only available in Japanese.
・Umbrellas will be provided in the event of rain.
・This tour is not accessible with a stroller or a wheelchair.
・Before making a reservation, please carefully read the terms and conditions.
Cancellation policy

If for any reason, the customer cancels his or her reservations, he or she will have to pay the following cancellation fees. Furthermore, please keep in mind that any bank transfer fees will be the customer's responsibility.
Cancellation 8-10 days before reservation date・・・20% of the original price
Cancellation 2-7 days before the reservation date・・・30% of the original price
Day before the reservation date・・・50% of the original price
On the reservation date・・・100% of the original price