【Local tourism program】SUP + boat entry Blue cave snorkeling. 2 activities for the price of 1!


【Local tourism program】SUP + boat entry Blue cave snorkeling. 2 activities for the price of 1!

For the price of the SUP activity you can participate  at the snorkeling activity for free!! (Save ¥3980)


For the SUP activity, we will bring you near cape Manzamo, were you can enjoy this new and fun sport. We will get close to an uninhabited island called the hermit crab island, were you can also disembark~


And then, after the SUP activity, snorkeling at one of the most famous diving spots in Okinawa, the blue cave in Onnason!

Inside the blue cave, the light of the sun goes through the surface of the sea and its reflected on the ryukyuan limestone, illuminating the caves with an unique bright blue color, creating an amazing and otherworldly atmosphere.


This tour includes a diving instructor and will take you to the diving point by boat on a comfortable 10 minutes ride, as opposed to the beach entry, which has a 100 steps stair that you have to climb with all the equipment.

Shower, changing room, locker, parking lot and toilets available!

Tour Conditions

Plan Details

Operating days 2020-06-03 〜 2020-07-31
Time required Approximately 4 hours
Each activity last around 50 minutes, but including the preparation and the transport it takes around 2 hours per activity.
Number of passengers required 2 persons
age limit 6 to 59 years old
Reservation deadline 2 days 17 before
Please contact us for any inquiries or reservations after the website deadline:
TEL 098-941-6828(8:00~21:00)
Payment method
Pay with credit card


Precautions <How to get there>
Input the following number in your car navigator: 098-964-4135, or simply search for "Marine station Okinawa" in your navigator of choice.

・This tour needs a minimum of two participants to be carried away.
・For safety reasons, this tour is not available for persons over the age of 60, sorry for the inconveniences.
・Please pay in advance in order to participate in this tour. We accept credit card or convenience store payments.
・At the time of reservation, please let us know your name, age, height, weight, foot size and mobile phone number.
・Please wear your swimsuit before you come and prepare beach towels and suitable shoes.
・Free camera rental available (one per group) depending on availability. Availability is not guaranteed, sorry for the inconveniences. (SD card is ¥1000).
・Persons which the following conditions will not be able to participate in this activity: Circulatory system or respiratory system diseases, high blood pressure, otitis media, pregnant, epilepsy, diabetes, liver failure, hangover or under the influence of alcohol.
・Unaccompanied minors (under 18 years old) must bring a letter of consent signed by their legal tutors. Kids under 12 years old must be accompanied by their legal tutor.
・If the waves are calm, it is still possible to do snorkeling even in the event of rain.
・This tour is subject to being cancel on the same day according to weather conditions.
・No pick up service available for this tour, sorry for the inconveniences.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation policy

If for any reason, the customer cancels his or her reservations, he or she will have to pay the following cancellation fees. Furthermore, please keep in mind that any bank transfer fees will be the customer's responsibility.
Cancellation 8-10 days before reservation date・・・20% of the original price
Cancellation 2-7 days before the reservation date・・・30% of the original price
Day before the reservation date・・・50% of the original price
On the reservation date・・・100% of the original price