To encounter with the largest mammal in the world that impressed you

98% to encounter with

Encounter of the excitement in the winter only.

There are 2 liners departure everyday.

Whale watching

Depart from Naha ・Depart from Chatan

23th December,2017~8th April,2018

Adult \4200

Children \3200(5~11 years old)

Infant \1500(0~4 years old)

This is why they choice to join the whale watching tour

Point 1, enjoy with your children

Marine activity is not only in Summer.Winter is the whale`s migration period. These whales come to the warm waters off of Okinawa.It is also can be observed eyes.

Point 2!! Powerful being! Wild power that cannot betray.

Overwhelming presence of huge biological!! The power of the humpback whale that can be seen from the close of the spot by boat.The sense of excitement is not to be doubted. Let`s enjoy the whale watching.

The points of join the whale watching of Cerulean-blue.

※More information, please confirm the tour detail.

【Depart from Naha】
Morning course reserve online
【Depart from Naha】
Afternoon course reserve online

【Depart from Chatan】
Morning course reserve online
【Depart from Chatan】
Afternoon course reserve online

The review from passengers.  We received the review from the passengers who joined the whale watching.

The whale watching tour of Cerulean-blue, we have gotten the words from your exciting experience.
If you do not join the whale watching tour yet, please see the voice as a reference and make the reserve online.

Thank you for the great reviews.

Thank you for the important reviews.
We are waiting for your join.

Interesting!! Powerful!! The strange performance of humpback whales.

Therea are strange performance in whale that live in the ocean! Maybe you can understand the feelings of whale from their performance. If you know the meaning of whales, the tour will more enjoyable!! Let`s look at the meaning of the performance of whales.

  • Blow

    This is what the real thrill.

    →When the whale was breathing, the whale exhaled air from the blowhole. The blow can be 3 ~ 5 meter . That will be one point to search for the whale in the ocean.

  • Tail Slap

    Overwhelming Powerful!!

    There are lots of style of slap. The tail slap is one of that. It is a menacing behavior. The whale will lift the rear of the body to the surface of the sea then sideways and keep striking. It will raise the big sound and the water splash out.

  • Head Slap

    The one of three of the body will on the surface of the sea. The dynamic behavior in fall into the sea to striking the water.

  • Breach

    Whale will lift the body out of the sea and twict the body then fall into the sea. That is one of behavior of the courtship just like jump is very powerful.

  • Spy Hop

    Perpendicular to lift the body, their eyes will check around the sea to make sure the direction that they are going to

Let experience this dynamic behavior on the tour.

Do not miss the chance to take a photo!!

※If you bring the camera or smart phone boarding, please take the responsibility by yourself.


You can find the answer here that you don`t understand about whale watching tour!!
In order to enjoy the whale watching tour, you must to check here.

  • Does the probability of spotting whales change based on what time of day it is?

    "The probability of spotting whales does not change based on the time of day.
    If you are able to spot them throughout the morning, you may not be able to in the afternoon, and vice versa.
    Please choose a time that will fit in your schedule and be convenient."

  • What happens if it rains?

    "If the level of rain does not interfere with sailing, we will still depart. If we are able to depart yet you cancel because of the rain, you will have to pay a cancellation fee.
    If the weather is worse thant that, or if there are high waves, then the tour will be cancelled.
    If it is cancelled, we will contact you on the day before or the day of, and either do it on a differen day or refund you.
    With the refund, we refund the customer through a bank transfer, but if the tour is cancelled because of the weather, any bank transfer fees will be the customer`s responsibility. Please understand this in advance."

  • I am worried that I might get sea sick……

    "We recommend taking medication to prevent motion sickness 30 minutes before boarding.
    We also sell mediation to prevent motion sickness at the reception desk for ¥500.
    People are usually able to avoid getting motion sickness by looking into the distance, sucking on candy, and staying in a well-ventilated area."

  • Is there anything I should prepare beforehand?

    "It is useful to bring a raincoat, binoculars, and a towel. The Okinawa winter ocean has many cold and windy days,
    so please ensure you properly protect yourself from the cold.
    Additionally, the ship may sway, so we recommend wearing shoes that do not slip easily, such as sneakers."

The other questions, please confirm the Q&A page.
If you have any question that do not write in the Q&A pages, please contacu us.

The detail of whale watching tour.

23th December,2017~8th April,2018
Business time 8:00am ~ 22:00pm
Number of travelers at least 2 people.

Depart from
①Morning course 9:00→reserve online
②Afternoon couse 13:30→reserve online
①Morning course 9:30→reserve online
②Afternoon couse 13:30→reserve online
Meeting place
google_mapNaha Miegusuku Port.
google_map Chatan Fisherina
Uminchu Wharf.
Adult:\4,200(aged 12 & older)
Infant:\1,500(Under age 4)
Time required
3 hours.
What is included
Boarding fare
Life jacket


  • Assemble 30 minutes before departure.
  • If the weather is bad, or if there are high waves, then the tour will be cancelled. If it is cancelled, we will contact you on the day before or the day of
  • Please bring the warm and waterproof goods by yourself.
  • If you worried about sea sick, please take medicin to prevent motion sickness before boarding.
  • Please wear the life jacket during the tour.

There are pick-up service from your hotel(only Naha city`s hotel) if you join the tour that depart from Naha.

  • Please let us know when you make a reservation, if you need the pick-up service.
  • "If you join the morning course, we will let you know the pick-up time in the evening the day before tour day.
    If you join the afternoon course, we will let you know the pick-up time around 11:00am on day."
  • We will pick another customers up from other hotels, so the pick-up time will be earlier or take a long time to another hotels. We recommend that go to the port by yourself if you have a car.

If you don`t see any whales.

Since the whales are wild and unpredictable animals, there is some possibility that you may not see any whales.
In case you don`t see any whales, we offer other choice for you.

  • re-board again.
  • 100% refund (※12/23~1/31、4/1~4/8 is not included)

※Except for the conditions below.

  • Whale blow (exhaled air from the blowhole) was seen.
  • If the other members of your tour had spotted a whale.

【Depart from Naha】
Morning course reserve online
【Depart from Naha】
Afternoon course reserve online

【Depart from Chatan】
Morning course reserve online
【Depart from Chatan】
Afternoon course reserve online